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House Preparation for Professional Photography & Video

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Thank you so much for having Ruckman Studios create some outstanding media for you!

To ensure your shoot stays on budget and timely, please have the house photo ready before the photographer arrives on site.

Photo ready means all staging, cleaning, and anything that would delay the photographer from starting immediately upon arrival is finished and the house is ready for photos/videos to be started.

Helpful tips:

Remove as much clutter as possible (especially from counter tops). Less is more! A nice accent piece on the kitchen table or a couple of decorations on the counter tops can be a nice touch, but keep in mind the counter space will appear larger with less stuff on it. :D

Non Photo Ready Homes:

If the house is not photo ready upon arrival of the photographer, we'd be happy to take the photos with the house in the condition its currently in, reschedule the shoot so cleaning and staging can be done (50% of cost of package charged to reschedule), or we can edit the unwanted items out of the image for only $10/image.

To keep our prices low and to ensure we are on time to everyone's shoot, photographers are not permitted to move furniture, excessively clean counter tops,  other areas, etc.

Thank you for having your home photo ready! It will help your house sell for top dollar and keep your clients happy! :D

Cancellation Policy:

Life happens and we get it! That's why most of our rescheduling/cancellation is free. If you do cancel/reschedule within 2 business hours of your scheduled shoot however, 50% of the shoot is charged as a cancellation/reschedule fee. Most companies will charge the whole fee of the shoot, but luckily we're not most companies! :D 

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